MAO Japanese Communications, LLC


Automotive Business Other
Audits (quality/business, external/internal)
Automobile new model planning
Automobile/ part mfg: Engine, transmission, panels, frame components, electrical, wire harness, hydro bushings, NVH, torque transfer system
Color development
EGR Systems
Plant introduction video scripts
QC/QA meeting/document
Secondary air pump systems
Surface technologies: Arc PVD coating, TiN coating
Vehicle/part tests
Robot control
M & A meetings
Patent Infringement
Credit card administration system
Employees’ Retirement Plan
Employees’ Savings Plan
Presidents/executives meeting
HR Policy
Local agreement (UAW, CAW)
Purchasing and Supply Contract
Real Estate
Research questionnaires
Stock reports
Workforce services
Aircraft interior panels, windows
Resin materials/molding
Synthetic rubber
Semiconductor packages
CEMS software
Software: back-up, CD burner, ripper, U3, disc labeling
SQL server
Hotel chains’ survey
Hotel guest information
College guide
Museums’ self-guided audio tour
Press release

Out of state assignments in 2017:
Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, California, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington DC, Canada, Mexico